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Basic Math Apps with Time Learning Bundle

My Basic Math Apps with Time Learning Bundle will bring kids a fun “Time” with Math exploration.  Math is challenging at times and kids need to have ways to learn about Math in a fun and entertaining way.  These two Math apps will help your elementary child learn about Counting and Time.  The first app Math Tappers allows your child to build an understanding of number concepts.  The idea that one apple equals the number one.  This simple app will help your child develop the basic understandings of Math concepts.Telling Time + King's AppsThe second app, Telling Time states the obvious.  This app will help your child learn the concept of time in an interactive way.  Both of these apps help elementary-aged school children learn Math concepts and Time.  If your child struggles with Math concepts, then these apps will aid in making Math a fun thing to do.  Enjoy “your time” with these spectacular apps!

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Learning Opportunities


Telling Time + King's Apps


MathTappers: Find Sums

Telling Time +


  • Visual models of “Part-Whole’ model.
  • This app builds associations between numbers in a fact family.
  • For example: 3+7=10; 7=10-3;3=10-7


  • The clock is used to answer the correct question in order to proceed to the next question.
  • Click button to begin, view analog clock, user translates time to digital clock and then inputs the digital time using buttons.
  • The user will need assistance at the beginning to understand the game.
  • The clock states “Good Job!” if right, and does not make any statement if wrong.


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