Safari Quest and Forest Quest Apps are Awesome!

Have you ever played virtual board game apps?  Well, here is your opportunity to play two!  We Discover Africa: Safari Quest – educational board game and We Discover Wildlife: Forest Quest are two educational apps that are beautifully designed with wonderful graphics and engaging educational information developed by Kindermatica.  These apps are highly recommended for children in the elementary or middle school age range.  Either the child can play these apps with a family member (highly suggested) or you could work through these game questions by themselves with the help of the internet.  Be ready to be challenged and learn some new information about safari and forest animals!

The objective of both of these apps is to complete the virtual board game by answering the questions appropriately.  Once you have answered the questions right, then you gain an item for your backpack.  This item or tool will help you along the route, as you come across problems and obstacles.  One app focuses on safari questions and the other is on forest questions.  They all relate to animals and the insects of the area.  Some of the questions are tough, but if you are working as a team or with Google there shouldn’t be any problem.  Some other fun aspects are that you can take screenshots of the animals at different stops and your virtual man moves forwards and backwards for you.

Safari Quest

safari quest

Click on image to go to the Apple Store, click HERE for the Google Play store.

These are delightful educational apps and I would recommend them to any elementary-aged student who is eager for a challenge; wanting to learn and is interested in working with Mom or Dad to get through the game.  If you are an educator, then you can also use this app to play with your students.  I will guarantee that your students will learn a ton about safari and forest animals and their environment.

Forest Quest

forest quest

Click on image to go to the Apple Store, click HERE for the Google Play store.

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