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There are a handful of app review websites we love!  Here at My Kid’s Locker we take only the best bundles of apps for kids and place them on our website.  I have been looking at those websites who take the time to invest sweat, and I am sure I few tears into reviewing apps for kids.  We love app reviews that are thorough and educationally sound.  We want to take some time to give you five of best Apps for Kids websites we really like this month, so you can look into more details on the apps we support and love.  So let’s jump in, in no particular order:

Apps for Kids is a wonderful website that allows families to discover apps since 2009.  Their main focus is to allow apps to transfer to parents and teachers.  They look at the new apps hitting the marketplace.  Their audience includes developers and families.  They hope to deliver apps from developers into homes with children.  The creator of the website also gets help from his older son and has a guest editor too.  You can find them at www.appsforkids.com.

Best Kids Apps shows the users how find the best app out their for your child’s needs.  Reviewers of this site are parents who desire to locate only the best children’s iPhone, iPad and Andriod apps.  They believe that traveling through the app maze is hard and they want to help you!  Many of the apps are written by gamers, however this website the reviews are written by moms.  Enjoy and relax as you visit this terrific website.  Seek them out at www.bestkidsapps.com.

Smart Kids’ Apps is an easy to read app review website.  Apps are reviewed by parents or their children.  This website values educational needs and long-term playability.  They also boast that they have no review copies from app publishers.  Visit them at www.smartkidsapps.com.

Fun Educational Apps has a good reputation among kids apps website and engage with app developers in a professional manner.  The three reviewers Sarah, Julie and Nathalie pick ten to fifteen apps for long reviews.  The apps are picked to stand out within the criteria of quality, benefit to education, engagement and uniqueness.  In the end, they strive to find only the Best App for Kids.  Please visit them at www.funeducationalapps.com.

App Safari helps you explore the entire world of apps in a refreshing way since 2007.  We wanted to throw one app review website in here that will helps you find any type of app you may need to find, because that is important to all of us.  Finding apps and rating them can be challenging, but this website easily lays out the details for you.  This website is catered to the public, but we can also find some kids apps here too.  They have reviewed over 6,324 apps and that is a feat to definitely boast about.  Visit them for a great safari at www.appsafari.com.

Enjoy Looking at these App Review Websites and Until Next Time Please Still Keep Learning “App”ening!

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