Android and iPad Lesson Plans for Elementary Students


You’ll find wonderful Android and iPad lesson plans for elementary students here at My Kid’s Locker.  Find great lesson plans for mobile devices and expose your children and students to the enjoyment of learning along with playing an app.  I believe that all the educational app bundles I have on this website can be used to improve a child’s learning. iStock_000019575299XSmallThe belief I have is that if a child is exposed to the right learning app with the correct learning opportunities, will bring about many great experiences for the parent, the teacher and the child.  Lesson plans should be fun, engaging and full of life.  All my lesson plans include hands on activities for the kids and those teachers and parents who are nervous to introduce a new app can relax as I lead you through simple steps to feel successful.  Great ideas, great apps and great outcomes are what I hope to do through these Android and iPad lesson plans for elementary students!  Have a wonderful time exploring, teaching and learning from my lesson plan creations!

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