Quick!  Grab your iPad!  Are you looking for an app to teach Nutrition?  Grab this app before all the promo codes run out because it teaches children what good nutrition is and how we can create a healthy meal.  We all want our kids to learn about nutritious foods and how they can help our bodies live a healthy life.  This app is called My Food – Nutrition for Kids by Urbn Pockets. Many parents get frustrated with the constant asking from their kids for junk food, and perhaps this app will be a bridge to talk with your kids about the benefits of eating healthy.

So how does this app work?  There is a virtual plate and a virtual child, and with dragging and dropping food onto the plate the child creates a meal.  See the video below for some examples.

nutrition for kids

You will learn about facts and interesting information about food as you create masterpieces of meals for your virtual child.  This app was built with the help of a nutritionist and you can even use an extension through the Apple Watch to grow your own herbs.  Very cool and very useful!

If you are an educator and teaching your students about the subject of Nutrition, then this would be a wonderful app to use on a Smartboard or through a group discussion where the students can work together to build a healthy meal.

If you missed out on getting a promo code, then click on the icon to purchase the app from the Apple Store.



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