This is an AMAZING Math App!

Understanding Maths – Addition and Subtraction by Appp Media is a great app to help your child learn Addition and Subtraction concepts.  And when I say “great app”, I am really meaning a “GREAT APP”.  With schools coming to the understanding that just drills do not cut it anymore, there are more and more classrooms that are allowing kids to explore what Addition and Subtraction is.  The question that is regularly asked in Math elementary school classrooms is, “How can you demonstrate your understanding in different ways.”  This Math app helps kids do that!

There are 6 types of games that can demonstrate their understanding.  One game is looking at the Addition question and then tapping on the screen of the iPad to show balls that answers that Addition question.  addition and subtractionAnother game is using base-ten blocks (just a fancy way of say blocks that are shaped in ones, tens, hundreds) and the students then move the coloured blocks to create an answer.  There is also the availability to do partner games where the students can pick what level they are at (easy to very hard) and then they compete again another student at their level (easy to very hard).  The student is always choosing their level, so the students who are struggling can play at their level without feeling embarrassed.

This is a wonderful Math app and I hope you grab a promo code or download this app and play with it.  It is full of great understanding and concepts and Grade 1 to Grade 7 classes will enjoy the diversity of Addition and Subtraction games.

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