The Teacher Challenge

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Love My Teacher Button Ready! Set! Go! Let’s do the Teacher Challenge! Anyone in the world can do this challenge! This was my twin sister’s idea.

This idea stemmed from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, to bring attention to children, education and teachers in British Columbia and beyond.

This is the Teacher Challenge. My name is________ and I stand and take off my hat to teachers. My favourite teacher is ___________ at ____________ school because _______________. My roll call is ______________. I stand for Education.

Let’s Learn about Digital Literacy in the Province of British Columbia

The Digital Literacy Curriculum will be shortly implemented in British Columbia.  Click HERE to learn more and HERE for lessons
This Digital Literacy Curriculum asks educators to integrate technology into their teaching practices.  As parents, educators and onlookers, it is important to learn about what that looks like in our elementary school classroom.  Educational apps, websites and resources will be important for educators, families and students as we learn more about Digital Literacy.  Join me on my journey through peering in My Kid’s Locker.

  1. The Teacher Challenge

    The Teacher Challenge Ready!  Set!  Go!  Let’s do the Teacher Challenge!  Anyone in the world can do this challenge!  This was my twin sister’s idea. ...

Meet Victoria

I'm a mother, teacher and a Google Certified Educator. I believe technology should be a stepping stone, not a stumbling block for educating children. Journey with me to learn about the best educational apps and digital literacy resources ever!


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