Thank You to Science World and Microsoft! 

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Science World for Welcoming me as a Member of your Education Leadership Group for 2016


Microsoft for Selecting me to be part of the Surface Pro 4 Microsoft Innovative Educator Surface Expert for 2016!

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  1. April Guest Blogger Sean Robinson

    Sean Robinson Speaks on Connections-based Learning Approach Sean Robinson is an educator empowering students and educators through the Connections-based Learning Approach.  Sean connected with me...
  2. Microsoft OneNote Webinar

    Microsoft OneNote Webinar What is Microsoft OneNote?  The OneNote application is a spiced up Word document with a virtual filing cabinet feel.  To be specific...

Let’s Learn about Digital Literacy in the Province of British Columbia

The Digital Literacy Curriculum will be shortly implemented in British Columbia.  Click HERE to learn more and HERE for lessons
This Digital Literacy Curriculum asks educators to integrate technology into their teaching practices.  As parents, educators and onlookers, it is important to learn about what that looks like in our elementary school classroom.  Educational apps, websites and resources will be important for educators, families and students as we learn more about Digital Literacy.  Join me on my journey through peering in My Kid’s Locker.

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Canadian Teacher Blogging about Techie Things! Come Learn with Me about Epic Apps, the New B.C. Curriculum, Microsoft, Google and More! Use Technology to Empower and Inspire Kids!


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  • Beautiful quotes.Thanks for sharing ur hearts.Meg I am sorry for your loss.My Dad died 3 yrs ago. I empathize with u.

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Science World Education Leadership Group 2016

Microsoft Innovative Educator Surface Pro 4 Expert 2016

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